Category: Politics

  • 18 Sep

    Bihar CM Nitish Kumar says BJP planning early Lok Sabha polls, asserts opposition alliance intact

    Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has claimed that the BJP is planning early Lok Sabha polls and his opposition alliance is ready to face them. He also spoke about the importance of freedom of the press.

  • 18 Sep

    Women Parliamentarians Bid Farewell to Old Parliament Building

    Ten women parliamentarians shared their handwritten notes on their memories, messages, and experiences in the old Parliament building ahead of its closure and the shift to the new complex. The MPs offered heartfelt tributes to the building that has been the epicentre of India's democratic journey.

  • 18 Sep

    Congress Leaders Call for Delaying Seat-Sharing Talks with INDIA Bloc Partners

    Some Congress leaders have called for delaying the seat-sharing talks with INDIA bloc partners for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections till November, so as to do it from a position of strength. This call comes amid confidence among some party leaders about the party faring well in the upcoming assembly polls in five states.

  • 13 Sep

    Opposition INDIA bloc to hold first joint public meeting in Bhopal, start seat-sharing talks

    The INDIA bloc, a grouping of over two dozen opposition parties, will hold its first joint public meeting in Bhopal in the first week of October. The bloc will discuss issues related to rising prices, unemployment, and corruption. The bloc is also likely to start seat-sharing talks soon. The success of the INDIA bloc will depend on its ability to overcome its differences and present a united front to the voters.

  • 11 Sep

    Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah calls private transporters’ demands impossible

    Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has called the demands of private transporters, who are observing a bandh today, "impossible demands". He said the government cannot meet the transporters' demands, including bearing the losses they are incurring due to the Shakti scheme, which offers free bus rides to women on state-run transport buses. The bandh has caused inconvenience to commuters, especially school students and office-goers.

  • 11 Sep

    Lalu Prasad slams PM Modi, questions benefits of G20 summit

    Lalu Prasad, the leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that he has once again resorted to deceiving people ahead of the elections. Prasad also questioned what benefit the common people of India will get from the G20 summit. He said that the BJP was badly defeated in recent assembly elections and will be wiped out in other assembly elections as well. He also said that the 28 opposition parties will start working from the first coordination committee meeting in New Delhi on September 13.

  • 11 Sep

    INDIA bloc to hold first coordination committee meeting on September 13

    The INDIA bloc, a coalition of over two dozen opposition parties, will hold its first coordination committee meeting on September 13 in Delhi. The meeting will discuss the bloc's strategies and future programmes for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.