Long Upper Shadow

A long upper shadow candlestick is a candlestick with a small body and a long wick or shadow that extends above the body. This indicates that the sellers were able to push the price down from its high level.

The long upper shadow candlestick pattern can be interpreted as a sign of bearishness, but it can also be interpreted as bullishness depending on the context in which it appears. It is more likely to be interpreted as bearish if it appears after a long uptrend, and more likely to be interpreted as bullish if it appears after a long downtrend.

Here are some things to keep in mind when interpreting a long upper shadow candlestick pattern:

  • The length of the upper shadow relative to the body of the candle. The longer the upper shadow, the more bearish the signal.
  • The direction of the trend. A long upper shadow candlestick pattern is more likely to be bearish if it appears after a long uptrend.
  • Other technical indicators. Other technical indicators, such as moving averages and momentum indicators, can help to confirm the interpretation of the long upper shadow candlestick pattern.

The long upper shadow candlestick pattern is a useful tool for technical analysis, but it should not be used as the only basis for making trading decisions. Traders should always consider the context in which the pattern appears and use other technical indicators to confirm their interpretations.

These stocks have formed a Long Upper Shadow Pattern on 1 Day time frame

Company SymbolSectorPriceChangeVolume52wk High52wk High1Y BetaP/EM CapRating
ACEINTEGTechnology Services35.450.05 (0.14%)37082.3033.051.41361.1 MSell
AGIProcess Industries884.707.05 (0.80%)962.2 T942.90280.501.0222.0756.7 BBuy
ASAHIINDIAConsumer Durables616.656.80 (1.12%)783.2 T655.95419.651.6541.43148.6 BBuy
BHANDARIConsumer Non-Durables6.35-0.26 (-3.89%)779.3 T8.013.521.1914.13999.3 MNeutral
BIRLACORPNNon-Energy Minerals1,166.45-1.95 (-0.17%)69,1201,339.80843.150.94234.5890 BSell
BOROLTDProducer Manufacturing401.25-1.35 (-0.34%)59,349482.20300.000.4458.9746.1 BSell
CHOLAFINFinance1,188.200.00 (0.00%)2.2 M1,240.00658.001.4134.77977.1 BBuy
CYIENTCommercial Services1,633.50-1.30 (-0.08%)384.9 T1,945.00723.800.3131.80181.2 BNeutral
ESABINDIAProducer Manufacturing4,995.55-31.55 (-0.63%)4,5395,850.003,120.000.0950.4477.5 BSell
EXCELINDUSProcess Industries889.60-0.05 (-0.01%)6,1111,324.55752.001.2022.9311.2 BSell
GAILUtilities121.650.45 (0.37%)7.7 M129.5583.000.1019.25797.2 BNeutral
GODREJPROPFinance1,538.80-14.80 (-0.95%)435.7 T1,769.001,005.001.8065.74431.9 BSell
HARSHAProducer Manufacturing429.900.00 (0.00%)54,350518.40309.000.9633.4639.1 BSell
HEADSUPRetail Trade12.250.40 (3.38%)776.2 T20.3510.000.88260.8 MBuy
IPLProcess Industries296.35-2.50 (-0.84%)2.8 M314.15197.451.1429.0534.5 BBuy
ISGECIndustrial Services726.000.00 (0.00%)55,359837.00417.851.2823.2853.4 BBuy
JMAProducer Manufacturing76.45-0.25 (-0.33%)14,34185.1559.000.176.631.8 BNeutral
LAOPALAConsumer Durables426.206.45 (1.54%)318.3 T479.75325.701.3035.9446.5 BBuy
LPDCFinance6.900.00 (0.00%)69,8158.805.101.85925.6 MBuy
MHLXMIRUProcess Industries160.30-5.30 (-3.20%)2,849309.00140.002.4321.251.7 BSell
MRFConsumer Durables108,655.05-186.60 (-0.17%)3,372112,727.9578,689.950.7437.34461.9 BBuy
NAHARCAPFinance314.15-3.40 (-1.07%)6,612380.00240.401.3610.225.3 BBuy
NEXTMEDIAConsumer Services5.65-0.10 (-1.74%)25,8668.553.800.48384.6 MBuy
PRAENGConsumer Durables14.200.30 (2.16%)69,22418.859.901.05981.9 MNeutral
PUNJABCHEMProcess Industries1,092.90-0.40 (-0.04%)8,6991,279.90727.550.3021.3713.4 BNeutral
SBCDistribution Services20.350.05 (0.25%)1.1 M23.857.800.6037.334.3 BSell
SIKKOProcess Industries58.95-0.40 (-0.67%)12,363138.4054.550.5433.24997.1 MSell
STEELXINDNon-Energy Minerals10.000.00 (0.00%)16.5 M17.259.550.279.4 BSell
SUNDARMHLDFinance116.40-0.60 (-0.51%)58,933134.0074.009.6826 BSell
SURANAT&PDistribution Services11.05-0.10 (-0.90%)102,46913.507.600.251.5 BSell
TEJASNETElectronic Technology826.502.05 (0.25%)213.8 T934.90510.001.35140 BSell
TRILProducer Manufacturing160.853.60 (2.29%)1.3 M176.3547.301.6898.2420.9 BBuy
URJAElectronic Technology9.850.05 (0.51%)3 M12.706.001.91238.505.2 BSell
XELPMOCTechnology Services84.100.05 (0.06%)26,698196.3080.001.341.2 BStrong Sell