Long Lower Shadow

A long lower shadow candlestick is a candlestick with a small body and a long wick or shadow that extends below the body. This indicates that there was a lot of selling pressure during the day, but the buyers were able to push the price back up to the opening price.

The long lower shadow candlestick pattern can be interpreted as a sign of bullishness or bearishness, depending on the context in which it appears. It is more likely to be interpreted as bullish if it appears after a long downtrend, and more likely to be interpreted as bearish if it appears after a long uptrend.

The long lower shadow candlestick pattern should be confirmed by other technical indicators, such as moving averages and momentum indicators.

These stocks have formed a Long Lower Shadow Pattern on 1 Day time frame

Company SymbolSectorPriceChangeVolume52wk High52wk High1Y BetaP/EM CapRating
3PLANDFinance23.250.95 (4.26%)28,58436.6514.500.4026.91409.9 MStrong Buy
ALANKITTechnology Services11.250.00 (0.00%)607.1 T13.757.001.382.5 BStrong Buy
ASHIMASYNProcess Industries13.350.00 (0.00%)73,69818.3012.150.622.6 BNeutral
BBTCLProcess Industries239.65-1.55 (-0.64%)6,307313.40178.550.8825.745 BSell
BALAMINESProcess Industries2,248.6019.80 (0.89%)60,5683,643.001,880.001.5628.5472.1 BBuy
BALAXIDistribution Services455.80-1.20 (-0.26%)3,062670.00434.850.109.054.7 BSell
DELTAMAGNTProducer Manufacturing101.954.25 (4.35%)27,049117.8063.200.631.1 BBuy
JETAIRWAYSTransportation54.70-0.55 (-1.00%)47,453100.7035.75-0.976.3 BSell
KALYANIFRGProducer Manufacturing546.0024.30 (4.66%)13,309547.75188.702.4356.971.9 BStrong Buy
METROBRANDRetail Trade1,097.75-1.65 (-0.15%)226.1 T1,127.20736.050.3985.64298.8 BBuy
MMFLProducer Manufacturing895.30-13.15 (-1.45%)73,1061,099.00730.000.2516.8421.9 BSell
PARACABLESProducer Manufacturing68.25-0.35 (-0.51%)551.5 T76.2515.501.2224.2216 BBuy
OSWALSEEDSProcess Industries69.050.35 (0.51%)236.2 T85.0755.005.2 BBuy
MANYAVARRetail Trade1,318.950.45 (0.03%)74,6251,501.551,058.051.2376.20319.3 BBuy