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Marine Shipping

Price265.05 -2.55 (-0.95%)52 Week High386.41
ISININE418H0102952 Week Low247.20
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume204.9 T
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM11.81
Market Cap65.7 B1 Year Beta1.03
Technical Rating of
Allcargo Logistics Limited (ALLCARGO) is an Indian integrated logistics services provider headquartered in Mumbai, India. It was incorporated in 1995. The company’s initial focus was on the provision of container freight station (CFS) services. Allcargo has since expanded its operations to include a wide range of logistics services, including multimodal transportation, warehousing, and supply chain more about Allcargo Logistics Limited (ALLCARGO)

Price264.05 8.65 (3.39%)52 Week High348.20
ISININE377E0101652 Week Low165.90
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume132,984
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM340.31
Market Cap3.4 B1 Year Beta0.92
Technical Rating of
Coastal Corporation Limited (COASTCORP) is an Indian integrated coastal shipping company headquartered in Mumbai, India. It was incorporated in 1964 and is one of the leading coastal shipping companies in India. COASTCORP operates a fleet of over 100 vessels and provides a range of coastal shipping services, including dry bulk, liquid bulk, and containerized cargo. more about Coastal Corporation Limited (COASTCORP)

Price461.25 5.95 (1.31%)52 Week High561.90
ISININE506A0101852 Week Low275.30
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume94,431
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM29.74
Market Cap12.8 B1 Year Beta1.57
Technical Rating of
Dredging Corporation of India Limited (DREDGECORP) is an Indian company that was founded in 1964. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. DREDGECORP is a leading provider of dredging services in India. The company’s services include port and harbor dredging, river and canal dredging, and marine construction. DREDGECORP is a well-managed and profitable organization. It more about Dredging Corporation of India Limited (DREDGECORP)

Price126.35 -0.70 (-0.55%)52 Week High141.35
ISININE517F0101452 Week Low81.10
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume624.4 T
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM18.99
Market Cap61.4 B1 Year Beta1.14
Technical Rating of
Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited (GPPL) is a public limited company engaged in the business of port operations and management. The company was incorporated in 1996 and is headquartered in Pipavav, Gujarat, India. GPPL operates a multi-purpose port located on the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. The port has a total capacity of 20 million tonnes more about Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited (GPPL)

Price379.85 12.55 (3.42%)52 Week High391.20
ISININE757B0101552 Week Low215.00
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume146,170
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM6.69
Market Cap8.1 B1 Year Beta1.77
Technical Rating of
Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Limited (SHREYAS), a leading integrated shipping and logistics company in India, reports strong financial results for the fiscal year 2023. The company’s annual revenue increased by 20% to ₹100 billion, while its net profit increased by 30% to ₹2 billion. SHREYAS’ strong financial performance was driven by a number of factors, more about Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Limited (SHREYAS)

Price811.15 21.60 (2.74%)52 Week High864.80
ISININE017A0103252 Week Low478.65
IndustryMarine ShippingVolume245.8 T
SectorTransportationP/E Ratio TTM4.31
Market Cap112.7 B1 Year Beta1.33
Technical Rating of
The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited (GESHIP) is an Indian shipping company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading shipping companies in India. GESHIP operates a fleet of over 60 vessels, including container vessels, bulk carriers, and tankers. The company provides a wide range of shipping more about The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited (GESHIP)
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