• 22 Sep

    GBP/USD Expected to Slide Towards 1.22, GBPINR Expected to Move Towards 101.40

    GBP/USD and GBP/INR Expected to Weaken The British pound is expected to weaken against the US dollar and the Indian rupee in the near term. The GBP/USD pair is expected to slide towards 1.22 as long as it trades under 1.2350, while the GBP/INR pair is expected to move towards 101.40 as long as it trades below 102.50. This is based on technical analysis, which is a method of forecasting future price movements based on historical price patterns and trends.

  • 15 Sep

    Rupee depreciates on stronger dollar and higher crude oil prices

    The rupee depreciated against the US dollar on Wednesday due to a stronger dollar and higher crude oil prices. The rupee is likely to remain in the 82.80-83.10 range in the near term.