Hotels in Noida and Greater Noida charge high room rates ahead of two international events

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Hotels in Noida and Greater Noida are charging high room rates ahead of two international events: the MotoGP Indian Grand Prix and the UP International Trade Show. The high demand for rooms has led to a surge in prices, with some hotels charging up to Rs 25,000 per night.

Visitors are also choosing alternative options like Airbnb rooms and hotels in nearby areas. A MotoGP enthusiast from Gurugram booked an Airbnb room 18 km from the Buddh International Circuit as hotels were charging Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000 per night. A participant of the international trade fair also booked an Airbnb in Noida for five days as hotel tariffs were too high.

The surge in demand is a positive sign for the hospitality industry in the area. However, hotels should balance their desire to increase revenue with the need to offer fair prices to visitors. Exorbitant rates can damage the reputation of the industry and discourage guests from returning in the future.

In addition to the above, here are some other things that hotels can do to make the most of this opportunity and ensure that visitors have a positive experience:

  • Offer discounts or special packages to visitors who book their accommodation in advance or who stay for multiple nights.
  • Partner with local transportation providers to offer shuttle services to and from the event venues.
  • Provide information to their guests about alternative accommodation options and local attractions.
  • Be transparent about their pricing and avoid charging hidden fees.
  • Ensure that their staff is well-trained and able to provide excellent customer service.

By taking these steps, hotels can maximize their profits while also building a good reputation and attracting repeat business.


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