D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA)

Price321.05 3.30 (1.04%)52 Week High364.95
ISININE250K0101252 Week Low163.90
IndustryTelecommunications EquipmentVolume149,460
SectorElectronic TechnologyP/E Ratio TTM12.51
Market Cap11.3 B1 Year Beta2.85
Technical Rating of

D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA) logo
  • D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA) is an Indian subsidiary of D-Link Corporation, a Taiwanese networking equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 1993 and is one of the leading networking equipment providers in India.
  • D-Link India offers a wide range of networking products, including routers, switches, access points, and network adapters. The company’s products are used by a wide range of businesses and individuals.
  • D-Link India’s customers include a wide range of businesses and organizations, including government agencies, educational institutions, and telecom companies. The company has a strong presence in India and is expanding its operations to other parts of the world.
  • The company has a strong track record of growth and profitability. In FY 2022-23, D-Link India’s revenue was ₹1,000 crores (~$125 million) and its net profit was ₹200 crores (~$25 million).
  • D-Link India is well-positioned to capitalize on the growth of the Indian networking market.

Some of the key facts about D-Link (India) Limited are:

  • Founded in 1993
  • Headquarters: Gurugram, India
  • Revenue (FY 2022-23): ₹1,000 crores (~$125 million)
  • Net profit (FY 2022-23): ₹200 crores (~$25 million)
  • Employees: 1,000
  • Market capitalization: ₹5 billion

D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA) Chart

Technical Analysis of D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA)

Moving Averages

MA 5322.26322.10
MA 10327.58326.15
MA 20333.57328.48
MA 30331.58326.04
MA 50322.04316.57
MA 100283.83294.72
MA 200259.62266.06

Moving Average Rating

Technical Indicators

Aroon Up (14)14.29Aroon Down (14)50.00
MACD Level (12, 26)-0.18MACD Signal (12, 26)3.47
Relative Strength Index (7)39.79Relative Strength Index (14)46.13
Stochastic %D (14 3 3)18.28Stochastic %K (14 3 3)14.50
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14)3.19Stochastic RSI Slow (3, 3, 14, 14)7.05
Bollinger Upper Band (20)356.99Bollinger Lower Band (20)310.14
Keltner Channels Upper Band (20)354.12Keltner Channels Lower Band (20)302.84
Donchian Channels Upper Band (20)364.95Donchian Channels Lower Band (20)311.05
Ichimoku Conversion Line (9, 26, 52, 26)332.52Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)336.50
Ichimoku Leading Span A (9, 26, 52, 26)319.43Ichimoku Leading Span B (9, 26, 52, 26)287.25
Positive Directional Indicator (14)18.05Negative Directional Indicator (14)26.25
Volume Weighted Average Price318.85Volume Weighted Moving Average 20340.64

Oscillator Rating


Awesome Oscillator-9.00
Ultimate Oscillator (7,14,28)46.27
Money Flow (14)60.74
Chaikin Money Flow (20)-0.04
Commodity Channel Index (20)-103.52
Bull Bear Power-19.68

High / Low

1 Month364.95311.05
3 Month364.95246.35
6 Month364.95204.50
52 Week364.95163.90
All Time364.9515.10


Average 10 D221.5 T
Average 30 D387 T
Average 60 D585.8 T
Average 90 D552.4 T


Change3.30 (1.04%)
Change 1W-10.15 (-3.06%)
Change 1M-5.10 (-1.56%)
Volatility W3.00


3 Month30.69
6 Month44.19
5 Year273.31
All Time393.92


Average Day Range (14)13.92
Average Directional Index (14)21.68
Average True Range (14)13.29
Williams Percent Range (14)-81.45
Rate Of Change (9)-7.70
Hull Moving Average (9)316.94
Momentum (10)-26.60
Parabolic SAR357.84

PIVOT POINTS of D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA)

NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3
DeMark's - - 312.57331.54364.07 - -

Financial Analysis of D-Link (India) Limited (DLINKINDIA)

Income Statement

Basic EPS (FY)24.32
Basic EPS (TTM)25.67
EBITDA (Annual YoY Growth)102.04
EBITDA (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-0.03
EBITDA (Quarterly YoY Growth)24.05
EBITDA (TTM YoY Growth)81.67
EPS Diluted (Annual YoY Growth)104.22
EPS Diluted (FY)24.32
EPS Diluted (Quarterly QoQ Growth)3.76
EPS Diluted (Quarterly YoY Growth)29.49
EPS Diluted (TTM)25.67
EPS Diluted (TTM YoY Growth)82.43
Free Cash Flow (Annual YoY Growth)-82.24
Free Cash Flow Margin (FY)0.51
Gross Profit (Annual YoY Growth)92.56
Gross Profit (FY)1.3 B
Gross Profit (MRQ)367.6 M
Gross Profit (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-0.77
Gross Profit (Quarterly YoY Growth)21.73
Gross Profit (TTM YoY Growth)61.29
Last Year Revenue (FY)11.8 B
Revenue (Annual YoY Growth)28.59
Revenue per Employee (FY)45.8 M
Revenue (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-3.75
Revenue (Quarterly YoY Growth)1.35
Revenue (TTM YoY Growth)12.68
Net Income (Annual YoY Growth)104.22
Net Income (FY)863.6 M
Net Income (Quarterly QoQ Growth)3.76
Net Income (Quarterly YoY Growth)29.49
Net Income (TTM YoY Growth)82.43
Total Revenue (FY)11.8 B


Enterprise Value/EBITDA (TTM)9.38
Number of Employees258.00
Number of Shareholders41,118.00
Shares Float14.3 M
Price to Book (FY)3.01
Price to Earnings Ratio (TTM)12.51
Price to Revenue Ratio (TTM)0.96
Price to Sales (FY)0.97
Total Shares Outstanding35.5 M
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (FY)1.65
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (TTM)3.70

Balance Sheet

Total Assets (Annual YoY Growth)22.70
Total Debt (Annual YoY Growth)182.12
Total Liabilities (FY)2.5 B
Cash & Equivalents (FY)59.9 M
Cash and short term investments (FY)1.3 B

Operating Metrics


Dividend Yield Forward1.58
Dividends Paid (FY)-106,515,000.00
Dividends per share (Annual YoY Growth)66.67
Dividends per Share (FY)5.00


Net Margin (FY)7.32
Net Margin (TTM)7.69
Gross Margin (FY)11.12
Gross Margin (TTM)13.40
Operating Margin (FY)9.45
Operating Margin (TTM)9.70
Pretax Margin (TTM)10.34

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