Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM)

Price1.75 0.05 (2.94%)52 Week High2.50
ISININE330H0101852 Week Low1.00
IndustryMajor TelecommunicationsVolume5.5 M
SectorCommunicationsP/E Ratio TTM
Market Cap4.8 B1 Year Beta0.51
Technical Rating of

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Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM) was an Indian telecommunications company that was founded in 1995. It was the second-largest telecom operator in India by subscribers before going bankrupt in 2020.

RCOM offered a wide range of telecom services, including mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, and data services. The company had a presence in over 20 countries around the world.

RCOM faced a number of challenges in the late 2010s, including:

  • High debt levels
  • Competition from other telecom operators
  • Regulatory challenges

These challenges led to RCOM filing for bankruptcy in 2020. The company’s assets were sold to Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited.

RCOM’s bankruptcy was a major setback for the Indian telecom industry. The company had been a major player in the industry for over two decades and its collapse left a void that has yet to be filled.

The closure of RCOM also had a negative impact on the Indian economy. The company employed over 20,000 people and its closure led to job losses and economic hardship for many families.

The closure of RCOM is a reminder of the risks that businesses face in the telecom industry. The industry is highly competitive and businesses need to be able to adapt to changing market conditions in order to survive.


Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM) Chart

Technical Analysis of Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM)

Dragonfly Doji, Long Lower Shadow
Dragonfly Doji, Long Lower Shadow is formed on Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM) in 1 Day Timeframe. Pattern Formed

Moving Averages

MA 51.671.70
MA 101.711.67
MA 201.571.59
MA 301.481.53
MA 501.401.46
MA 1001.331.47
MA 2001.671.68

Moving Average Rating

Technical Indicators

Aroon Up (14)57.14Aroon Down (14)0.00
MACD Level (12, 26)0.10MACD Signal (12, 26)0.10
Relative Strength Index (7)68.36Relative Strength Index (14)68.47
Stochastic %D (14 3 3)62.34Stochastic %K (14 3 3)67.22
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14)24.51Stochastic RSI Slow (3, 3, 14, 14)15.92
Bollinger Upper Band (20)1.90Bollinger Lower Band (20)1.24
Keltner Channels Upper Band (20)1.71Keltner Channels Lower Band (20)1.47
Donchian Channels Upper Band (20)1.85Donchian Channels Lower Band (20)1.20
Ichimoku Conversion Line (9, 26, 52, 26)1.70Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)1.53
Ichimoku Leading Span A (9, 26, 52, 26)1.30Ichimoku Leading Span B (9, 26, 52, 26)1.20
Positive Directional Indicator (14)42.55Negative Directional Indicator (14)18.89
Volume Weighted Average Price1.73Volume Weighted Moving Average 201.58

Oscillator Rating


Awesome Oscillator0.19
Ultimate Oscillator (7,14,28)53.02
Money Flow (14)83.27
Chaikin Money Flow (20)0.63
Commodity Channel Index (20)76.48
Bull Bear Power0.16

High / Low

1 Month1.851.20
3 Month1.851.10
6 Month1.851.00
52 Week2.501.00
All Time844.700.50


Volume5.5 M
Average 10 D4.9 M
Average 30 D3.9 M
Average 60 D3.7 M
Average 90 D4.1 M


Change0.05 (2.94%)
Change 1W0.10 (6.06%)
Change 1M0.35 (25.00%)
Volatility W3.11


3 Month45.83
6 Month25.00
5 Year-85.42
All Time-99.24


Average Day Range (14)0.04
Average Directional Index (14)35.86
Average True Range (14)0.06
Williams Percent Range (14)-25.00
Rate Of Change (9)2.94
Hull Moving Average (9)1.67
Momentum (10)0.10
Parabolic SAR1.82

PIVOT POINTS of Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM)

NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3
DeMark's - - 1.301.351.50 - -

Financial Analysis of Reliance Communications Limited (RCOM)

Income Statement

Basic EPS (FY)-52.83
Basic EPS (TTM)-53.56
EBITDA (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-70.97
EPS Diluted (Annual YoY Growth)-119.02
EPS Diluted (FY)-52.83
EPS Diluted (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-4.41
EPS Diluted (Quarterly YoY Growth)-11.33
EPS Diluted (TTM)-53.56
EPS Diluted (TTM YoY Growth)-116.86
Gross Profit (FY)660 M
Gross Profit (MRQ)130 M
Gross Profit (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-43.48
Gross Profit (Quarterly YoY Growth)333.33
Last Year Revenue (FY)4.8 B
Revenue (Annual YoY Growth)-13.85
Revenue (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-9.91
Revenue (Quarterly YoY Growth)-20.00
Revenue (TTM YoY Growth)-14.66
Net Income (Annual YoY Growth)-119.02
Net Income (FY)-144,990,000,000.00
Net Income (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-4.41
Net Income (Quarterly YoY Growth)-11.33
Net Income (TTM YoY Growth)-116.86
Total Revenue (FY)4.8 B


Enterprise Value/EBITDA (TTM)33.98
Number of Shareholders1.6 M
Shares Float2.5 B
Price to Revenue Ratio (TTM)1.06
Price to Sales (FY)1.00
Total Shares Outstanding2.8 B
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (FY)26.72
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (TTM)42.51

Balance Sheet

Total Assets (Annual YoY Growth)-25.67
Total Debt (Annual YoY Growth)3.71
Total Liabilities (FY)1.1 T
Cash & Equivalents (FY)2.2 B
Cash and short term investments (FY)3.9 B

Operating Metrics



Net Margin (FY)1.67
Net Margin (TTM)13.00
Gross Margin (FY)13.78
Gross Margin (TTM)16.74
Operating Margin (FY)-12.94
Operating Margin (TTM)-25.77
Pretax Margin (TTM)-51.09

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