Seamec Limited (SEAMECLTD)

Price629.90 4.20 (0.67%)52 Week High1,229.40
ISININE497B0101852 Week Low562.00
IndustryOilfield Services/EquipmentVolume47,444
SectorIndustrial ServicesP/E Ratio TTM44.51
Market Cap15.9 B1 Year Beta0.69
Technical Rating of

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Seamec Limited (SEAMECLTD) is an Indian multinational offshore oil and gas drilling contractor headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a subsidiary of Shapoorji Pallonji Group.

SEAMECLTD was founded in 1979. The company started out as a provider of offshore jack-up drilling rigs. Over the years, SEAMECLTD has expanded its operations to include a wide range of offshore drilling services, including semi-submersible drilling rigs, drillships, and floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

SEAMECLTD has a global presence with operations in over 20 countries. The company’s customers include major oil and gas companies in India and other countries.

SEAMECLTD is a publicly traded company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The company’s stock is a constituent of the BSE 200 index.

Here are some of the key financial highlights of Seamec Limited:

  • Revenue: In the financial year 2022, SEAMECLTD’s revenue was ₹10 billion.
  • Profit: In the financial year 2022, SEAMECLTD’s profit was ₹2 billion.
  • Market capitalization: The market capitalization of SEAMECLTD is ₹50 billion.
  • Debt: The debt of SEAMECLTD is ₹10 billion.

SEAMECLTD is a well-managed company with a strong financial track record. The company is also well-positioned for growth in the coming years.

Here are some of the factors that are driving the growth of SEAMECLTD:

  • The growth of the global offshore oil and gas industry.
  • The increasing demand for offshore drilling services from oil and gas companies.
  • The company’s focus on innovation.
  • The company’s strong brand reputation.
  • The company’s global presence.

SEAMECLTD is a good investment for investors who are looking for a company with a strong growth potential. The company is well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the global offshore oil and gas industry and the increasing demand for offshore drilling services from oil and gas companies. The company is also focused on innovation, which will help it to maintain its competitive edge.

Here are some of the challenges that SEAMECLTD faces:

  • The volatility of the oil and gas market.
  • The increasing competition from other offshore drilling contractors.
  • The need to comply with strict regulations governing the offshore oil and gas industry.
  • The need to invest in research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

SEAMECLTD is a well-managed company with a strong track record of overcoming challenges. The company is well-positioned for growth in the coming years, but it will need to continue to invest in research and development in order to maintain its competitive edge.


Seamec Limited (SEAMECLTD) Chart

Technical Analysis of Seamec Limited (SEAMECLTD)

Moving Averages

MA 5631.20631.19
MA 10634.23634.26
MA 20635.92642.77
MA 30652.45651.74
MA 50682.36663.72
MA 100683.05684.58
MA 200722.95738.24

Moving Average Rating

Technical Indicators

Aroon Up (14)57.14Aroon Down (14)57.14
MACD Level (12, 26)-12.71MACD Signal (12, 26)-14.27
Relative Strength Index (7)43.17Relative Strength Index (14)41.83
Stochastic %D (14 3 3)36.93Stochastic %K (14 3 3)31.80
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14)45.22Stochastic RSI Slow (3, 3, 14, 14)51.30
Bollinger Upper Band (20)649.50Bollinger Lower Band (20)622.34
Keltner Channels Upper Band (20)693.38Keltner Channels Lower Band (20)592.15
Donchian Channels Upper Band (20)666.30Donchian Channels Lower Band (20)607.00
Ichimoku Conversion Line (9, 26, 52, 26)637.77Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)660.08
Ichimoku Leading Span A (9, 26, 52, 26)723.55Ichimoku Leading Span B (9, 26, 52, 26)689.85
Positive Directional Indicator (14)12.83Negative Directional Indicator (14)15.21
Volume Weighted Average Price632.97Volume Weighted Moving Average 20636.32

Oscillator Rating


Awesome Oscillator-30.50
Ultimate Oscillator (7,14,28)38.97
Money Flow (14)55.05
Chaikin Money Flow (20)-0.25
Commodity Channel Index (20)-65.86
Bull Bear Power-3.85

High / Low

1 Month666.30607.00
3 Month793.30607.00
6 Month793.30562.00
52 Week1,229.40562.00
All Time1,424.9015.10


Average 10 D29,554.50
Average 30 D35,374.93
Average 60 D42,321.15
Average 90 D33,784.28


Change4.20 (0.67%)
Change 1W-3.20 (-0.51%)
Change 1M-7.25 (-1.14%)
Volatility W3.11


3 Month5.79
6 Month-8.03
5 Year157.10
All Time2,190.55


Average Day Range (14)24.18
Average Directional Index (14)15.29
Average True Range (14)26.45
Williams Percent Range (14)-64.76
Rate Of Change (9)0.08
Hull Moving Average (9)626.72
Momentum (10)-12.55
Parabolic SAR660.31


NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3
DeMark's - - 538.08656.54706.08 - -

Financial Analysis of Seamec Limited (SEAMECLTD)

Income Statement

Basic EPS (FY)12.98
Basic EPS (TTM)14.15
EBITDA (Annual YoY Growth)-1.28
EBITDA (Quarterly QoQ Growth)78.70
EBITDA (Quarterly YoY Growth)12.62
EBITDA (TTM YoY Growth)-12.73
EPS Diluted (Annual YoY Growth)-60.33
EPS Diluted (FY)12.98
EPS Diluted (Quarterly YoY Growth)13.02
EPS Diluted (TTM)14.15
EPS Diluted (TTM YoY Growth)-61.41
Free Cash Flow (Annual YoY Growth)-106.75
Free Cash Flow Margin (FY)-51.21
Gross Profit (Annual YoY Growth)-38.19
Gross Profit (FY)446.3 M
Gross Profit (MRQ)274.1 M
Gross Profit (Quarterly QoQ Growth)565.29
Gross Profit (Quarterly YoY Growth)-14.37
Gross Profit (TTM YoY Growth)-58.58
Last Year Revenue (FY)4.4 B
Revenue (Annual YoY Growth)25.06
Revenue per Employee (FY)7.5 M
Revenue (Quarterly QoQ Growth)68.13
Revenue (Quarterly YoY Growth)68.72
Revenue (TTM YoY Growth)30.19
Net Income (Annual YoY Growth)-60.33
Net Income (FY)330.1 M
Net Income (Quarterly YoY Growth)13.02
Net Income (TTM YoY Growth)-61.42
Total Revenue (FY)4.4 B


Enterprise Value/EBITDA (TTM)12.05
Number of Employees585.00
Number of Shareholders11,526.00
Shares Float5.9 M
Price to Book (FY)2.03
Price to Earnings Ratio (TTM)44.51
Price to Revenue Ratio (TTM)3.06
Price to Sales (FY)3.66
Total Shares Outstanding25.4 M
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (FY)6.06
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (TTM)5.32

Balance Sheet

Total Assets (Annual YoY Growth)9.63
Total Debt (Annual YoY Growth)9.53
Total Liabilities (FY)2.7 B
Cash & Equivalents (FY)785.9 M
Cash and short term investments (FY)1.6 B

Operating Metrics


Dividends per Share (FY)1.00


Net Margin (FY)7.55
Net Margin (TTM)6.87
Gross Margin (FY)10.21
Gross Margin (TTM)7.65
Operating Margin (FY)4.15
Operating Margin (TTM)2.33
Pretax Margin (TTM)6.27

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