Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO)

Price410.80 -13.20 (-3.11%)52 Week High747.00
ISININE03V00101352 Week Low350.50
SectorConsumer DurablesP/E Ratio TTM
Market Cap4.6 B1 Year Beta0.69
Technical Rating of

Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO) is an Indian manufacturer of photographic films, roll films, NTR films, and Medical X-ray films. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Bulandhshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

UNIVPHOTO has been facing a number of challenges in recent years, including:

  • The decline in the usage of photographic films, as digital photography has become more popular.
  • The rise of competition from foreign manufacturers, who are able to offer lower prices.
  • The company’s own financial problems, which have led to it being downgraded by credit rating agencies.

As a result of these challenges, UNIVPHOTO’s revenue and profits have declined in recent years. The company has also been forced to sell off some of its assets.

In order to turn things around, UNIVPHOTO is focusing on a number of initiatives, including:

  • Developing new products and technologies, such as digital photographic films and medical imaging films.
  • Expanding its market reach to other countries, such as Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Partnering with other companies to develop new products and services.

It is still too early to say whether UNIVPHOTO will be able to overcome its challenges and return to profitability. However, the company has a number of strengths that could help it to turn things around. These strengths include:

  • A strong brand name in the photographic films market.
  • A focus on innovation.
  • A commitment to quality.

If UNIVPHOTO can address its challenges and leverage its strengths, it has the potential to become a leading player in the global photographic films market.

Here are some additional details about UNIVPHOTO’s challenges:

  • The decline in the usage of photographic films is due to the increasing popularity of digital photography. Digital cameras are more convenient and affordable than film cameras, and they offer a wider range of features.
  • The rise of competition from foreign manufacturers is putting pressure on UNIVPHOTO’s margins. Foreign manufacturers are often able to offer lower prices due to lower labor costs and economies of scale.
  • UNIVPHOTO’s own financial problems have made it difficult for the company to invest in new products and technologies, or to expand its market reach.

Despite these challenges, UNIVPHOTO has a number of strengths that could help it to turn things around. These strengths include:

  • A strong brand name in the photographic films market. UNIVPHOTO is one of the leading manufacturers of photographic films in India, and its products are well-known and trusted by consumers.
  • A focus on innovation. UNIVPHOTO is constantly developing new products and technologies, such as digital photographic films and medical imaging films. This helps the company to stay ahead of the competition and to appeal to new consumers.
  • A commitment to quality. UNIVPHOTO is committed to producing high-quality photographic films. This helps the company to maintain its brand reputation and to attract new customers.

Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO) Chart

Technical Analysis of Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO)

Moving Averages

MA 5406.67409.09
MA 10402.71405.55
MA 20402.12403.86
MA 30402.75403.67
MA 50404.41403.71
MA 100402.70407.96
MA 200424.65427.80

Moving Average Rating

Technical Indicators

Aroon Up (14)85.71Aroon Down (14)21.43
MACD Level (12, 26)1.20MACD Signal (12, 26)-0.65
Relative Strength Index (7)57.18Relative Strength Index (14)54.98
Stochastic %D (14 3 3)34.59Stochastic %K (14 3 3)42.68
Stochastic RSI Fast (3, 3, 14, 14)86.77Stochastic RSI Slow (3, 3, 14, 14)77.46
Bollinger Upper Band (20)414.89Bollinger Lower Band (20)389.35
Keltner Channels Upper Band (20)437.80Keltner Channels Lower Band (20)369.92
Donchian Channels Upper Band (20)445.00Donchian Channels Lower Band (20)390.10
Ichimoku Conversion Line (9, 26, 52, 26)417.55Ichimoku Base Line (9, 26, 52, 26)417.55
Ichimoku Leading Span A (9, 26, 52, 26)419.21Ichimoku Leading Span B (9, 26, 52, 26)428.40
Positive Directional Indicator (14)23.47Negative Directional Indicator (14)10.70
Volume Weighted Average Price414.32Volume Weighted Moving Average 20405.82

Oscillator Rating


Awesome Oscillator5.01
Ultimate Oscillator (7,14,28)36.47
Money Flow (14)60.10
Chaikin Money Flow (20)-0.36
Commodity Channel Index (20)156.06
Bull Bear Power22.84

High / Low

1 Month445.00390.10
3 Month487.80369.00
6 Month487.80350.50
52 Week747.00350.50
All Time988.0038.00


Average 10 D5,384.60
Average 30 D3,552.87
Average 60 D4,073.12
Average 90 D3,139.34


Change-13.20 (-3.11%)
Change 1W14.20 (3.58%)
Change 1M3.75 (0.92%)
Volatility W6.84


3 Month7.01
6 Month6.70
5 Year598.64
All Time598.64


Average Day Range (14)15.11
Average Directional Index (14)20.97
Average True Range (14)16.15
Williams Percent Range (14)-62.30
Rate Of Change (9)2.15
Hull Moving Average (9)414.92
Momentum (10)7.90
Parabolic SAR392.27

PIVOT POINTS of Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO)

NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3
DeMark's - - 375.07409.04425.02 - -

Financial Analysis of Universus Photo Imagings Limited (UNIVPHOTO)

Income Statement

Basic EPS (FY)-40.62
Basic EPS (TTM)-101.76
EBITDA (Annual YoY Growth)-35.42
EBITDA (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-14.50
EBITDA (TTM YoY Growth)-23.51
EPS Diluted (Annual YoY Growth)-108.65
EPS Diluted (FY)-40.62
EPS Diluted (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-0.86
EPS Diluted (Quarterly YoY Growth)-210.87
EPS Diluted (TTM)-101.76
EPS Diluted (TTM YoY Growth)-122.30
Free Cash Flow (Annual YoY Growth)-118.66
Free Cash Flow Margin (FY)-98.84
Gross Profit (Annual YoY Growth)-28.44
Gross Profit (FY)88.5 M
Gross Profit (MRQ)18.7 M
Gross Profit (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-26.38
Gross Profit (Quarterly YoY Growth)-45.64
Gross Profit (TTM YoY Growth)-29.98
Last Year Revenue (FY)432.2 M
Revenue (Annual YoY Growth)-23.05
Revenue per Employee (FY)8.3 M
Revenue (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-6.12
Revenue (Quarterly YoY Growth)-40.50
Revenue (TTM YoY Growth)-31.49
Net Income (Annual YoY Growth)-108.65
Net Income (FY)-444,678,000.00
Net Income (Quarterly QoQ Growth)-0.86
Net Income (Quarterly YoY Growth)-210.87
Net Income (TTM YoY Growth)-122.30
Total Revenue (FY)432.2 M


Enterprise Value/EBITDA (TTM)85.78
Number of Employees52.00
Number of Shareholders30,442.00
Shares Float1.1 M
Price to Book (FY)0.43
Price to Revenue Ratio (TTM)11.83
Price to Sales (FY)10.41
Total Shares Outstanding10.9 M
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (FY)4.98
Selling & Admin expenses Ratio (TTM)12.34

Balance Sheet

Total Assets (Annual YoY Growth)-2.93
Total Liabilities (FY)84 M
Cash & Equivalents (FY)1.3 M
Cash and short term investments (FY)3.9 B

Operating Metrics


Dividends Paid (FY)-109,466,000.00


Net Margin (FY)-102.90
Net Margin (TTM)-293.13
Gross Margin (FY)20.47
Gross Margin (TTM)25.82
Operating Margin (FY)15.49
Operating Margin (TTM)13.47
Pretax Margin (TTM)126.82

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