Lok Sabha Secretariat to Organize Walkthrough Session for MPs on Multimedia Devices

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The Lok Sabha Secretariat announced on Tuesday that it will be organizing a walkthrough session for MPs on the multimedia devices available in the new Parliament building. This comes after several MPs complained that they had not received copies of the women’s reservation bill, which was being introduced in the Lok Sabha.

The walkthrough session has been scheduled for Wednesday morning in the new chamber of the lower house. It will cover the features and functionalities of the multimedia devices, which are designed to help MPs access parliamentary papers and bills electronically.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat has stated that it has taken several steps to reduce paper use in the conduct of business and promote the use of the latest information technology tools. The parliamentary papers are uploaded on the members’ portal, and members and their personal staff have been trained on how to use it.

However, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has also clarified that physical copies of parliamentary papers and bills are still available to those members who request them.

This walkthrough session is a positive step towards modernizing the Indian Parliament and making it more efficient. The use of multimedia devices will help MPs to access information more easily and quickly, and it will also help to reduc


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