India Reduces Arms Imports, Increases Defense Exports

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India’s arms imports have reduced significantly in the last four to five years, while defense exports reached an all-time high in the last financial year. This is a testament to the Union government’s commitment to innovation and indigenous technology development, said Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

Sinha made the remarks while attending the North-Tech Symposium-2023 held on the Jagti Campus of IIT Jammu. He attended the event along with Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Anil Chauhan.

The Lt Governor congratulated the Northern Command, Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) and IIT Jammu for jointly hosting hundreds of industries and defense tech startups.

“This is a proud moment for the academia as for the first time since its inception, North-Tech Symposium, a defense expo is being held in IIT Jammu,” the Lt Governor said.

He said that the three-day event will showcase cutting-edge technological advancements of the Indian Army and forge a synergy between the army, industry, and academia in research, development, and innovation in defense technologies.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country has witnessed a major push for Aatmanirbharta in defence. We are a responsible space power and have shown our strategic strength,” the Lt Governor said.

The launch of INS Vikrant last year vindicated the country’s resolve to develop indigenous capabilities, he said.

“Our arms imports have reduced significantly in the last 4-5 years and defense exports reached an all-time high in the last financial year. It shows our commitment to innovation and Indigenous technology development,” he said.

Sinha said that the Centre has set the target of achieving 70 per cent self-reliance in weaponry by 2027, which is providing unlimited opportunities for private industries, MSMEs, and tech startups to build.

The North-Tech Symposium-2023 is a major event in the defense sector and is expected to attract participation from leading defense industries, startups, and academic institutions from across the country. The event will focus on the latest trends and developments in defense technologies, and will provide a platform for networking and collaboration between stakeholders.

The event is a significant step towards achieving the government’s goal of Aatmanirbharta in defense. It is also a testament to the country’s growing capabilities in the defense sector.


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